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How do politics affect non-political decisions? A key aspect of this question concerns the extent to which partisan biases stem from out-group animus or assumptions about associated traits. To address this question, we focus on online dating to identify factors that mitigate these biases. Through a conjoint experiment with 3,000 UK participants, we disentangle the […]

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Who opts for informal work arrangements in times of severe economic uncertainty, and why? While extensive research has been conducted on the effects of informality on the economy, the empirical evidence about which employees enter the informal labour market remains mixed. This study elicits labour preferences for informal work arrangements in Lebanon, a country grappling […]

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A large literature in public economics seeks to answer whether government activity crowds out charitable donations, but the empirical evidence is mixed. To resolve this inconsistency, we consider that people base their donation decisions not only on government spending per se, but also on their support of the government. Using US tax return data, we […]

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